"Be not conformed to this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind..."
- Romans 12:2

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I am Not Garbage is Part 1 of an inspiring trilogy that chronicles the life of Author Rein Johnson who moved inspiringly from victim to victory.

No one likes to air their dirty laundry, and this couldn’t be truer for Author Rein Johnson. Her life story, a dark one, consists of prostitution, molestation, rape, physical abuse, abortion, abandonment, desperate dating, and infidelity; none of which is “easy” to share. However, with a passion to use her testimony as an aid and healing balm for others who may have gone through something similar, she, with conviction and candid details, shares her life with readers in a way that draws them into the story in a way that breathes life into it. We all know someone who has dealt with these issues, but many are unable to give voice to their pain in a way that others can really understand and feel. The reflections in each chapter help others help someone they know through the process of healing, while the accompanying soundtrack “Conversation Peace,” companion workbook, devotional, and book of transformative affirmations, allows for an even deeper reflective, transforming, and interactive experience.

Readers find themselves on a wild ride as they trek through the deep and murky corridors of her past, pain, hurt, and abuse, but, ultimately, they find themselves standing with her on the road to complete transformation.  I Am Not Garbage is an inspiring account of one woman’s journey to transformation, restoration, redemption, and revolution.


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“Redemption is Real” is part 2 of the compelling and inspiring trilogy which includes the first installment “I Am Not Garbage.”

In “I Am Not Garbage,” Author Rein explored in candid and vivid detail the perils of growing up as an abused child who was molested, emotionally abandoned, raped, tortured and even prostituted by her grandmother up through coming to understand real transforming power. In this installment, Rein explores the second half of the journey of the woman who rebelled against the church because of being hurt by leadership, which tailspins into a black hole of abandoning completely her moral and spiritual values to explore a darker world of anger, partying, promiscuity, exploring with sexual perversion, and sinking into a pit that she found difficult to climb out of despite her begging God to set her free. “Redemption is Real” explores the aspect of spiritual warfare and breaking generational curses and soul ties in a way that is missing from most faith environments. The accompanying soundtrack “Conversation Peace,” companion workbook, devotional, and book of transformative affirmations, allows the reader to have an even deeper reflective, transforming, and interactive experience.

In this book, Rein reminds us that no matter how deeply we sink, there is a God in Heaven who hears, fights for us, and restores to a place that proves “Redemption is REAL.”


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"The Promise is Sure" is the third and final installment to the "I Am Not Garbage" trilogy, which includes the aforementioned title and "Redemption is Real."

In this third and final installment of the series, Author Rein explores "the point of it all." Often we go through great suffering and trials believing that there must be a greater purpose in it somewhere. Even for those who have lost hope while buried in the chaos of change, Rein explores with the reader the purpose behind the process, the necessity of walking through the storm and not just in it, and the recompense and reward on the other side. As Author Rein "testifies," of what lies on the other side of the storm, readers will be able to connect back to the original stories and see just how sure every promise of Heaven really is. No matter what the reader has lost, they should and will be encouraged through this inspiring account to know with absolute certainty that they shall recover all. We don't serve to solely receive; we serve to become, and after a compelling tale of abuse, molestation, torture, rape, rebellion, anger, sexual perversion, and all out warfare in the first two installments, Author Rein is a living, breathing, testimony of how faith can help us overcome all things. Readers also achieve a profound interactive experience via the companion workbook, the trilogy EP soundtrack "Conversation Peace," the "Process to Promise" transformational devotional, and the book of "100 Transformative Affirmations."

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Booking Information: Email: HeReinz@me.com Phone: (209) 912.9932 Evangelist Rein Johnson is a preacher, author, psalmist, parent, youth, and family coach, Human Resources Professional Consultant, and motivational speaker. Book her for your event today!


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